150 g / 5 oz  raspberries puree & sieved

150 g / 5 oz  white chocolate melted - extra 50 g / 2 oz to decorate

200 g / 7 oz cream cheese - full fat

Let the white chocolate cool slightly add to the raspberry mixture once blended add the cream cheese.  I would soften and loosen the cream cheese first before adding by beating it hard.

For the cake mixture see my strawberry icing recipe.

To Decorate: melt the chocolate and using a fork wave it over the cakes drizzling patterns on them.

Melting White Chocolate: I put in the microwave for 30seconds stir if not melted put it back in 10 seconds at a time until all melted when stirred (don’t make mistakes I made of burning the chocolate!)

I tried the icing using the cream cheese and a batch using mascarpone and I thought the cream cheese lets the flavour of the white chocolate come through more.  The little cakes below are made with the icing where I mixed the white chocolate and raspberry first and then mixed the cream cheese and the icing turned out smother.    What I should have done when mixing the second batch where the little lumps of chocolate formed was use my electric whisk.  Warm chocolate doesn’t like it when you mix it with out-of-fridge-cold cream cheese.  If the cream cheese was room temperature my icing would have been smoother.