This paste is good spread inside of crusty bread like ciabatta or baguette, I then drizzle some extra virgin olive oil that I have crushed  a clove of garlic into, sprinkle with sea salt and pepper  wrap in foil and pop in the oven for our pesto garlic bread.  Sometimes I’ll add a few slices of tomato and you’re  virtually having a pizza by another name!

I roughly use a whole large pot of basil or two standard ones, pick it to an inch of its life.  To start with I add  4 tablespoon of olive oil (not extra virgin olive oil see note) and whiz it in the liquidiser/blender along with 1 small crushed garlic (optional) and a large pinch of sea salt.  I find it easier to use a blender than a food processor when dealing with such a small amount of basil.

If the mixture is too dry just add a tablespoon more oil at a time until you have a thick paste, once  you’ve poured the paste into a bowl then add the extra virgin olive oil.

This paste will not taste promising cold but as soon as you use it in warm pasta or potatoes the fragrance of the basil is released.

Note: The reason I don’t add the extra virgin olive oil when blending is because I find wen using a machine  it makes the pesto slightly bitter.  I prefer instead to add the extra virgin olive oil once I remove the paste from the blender.